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Parkway Cardiology Associates, Oak Ridge, TN

What to expect during your visit

Treat your heart right with a cardiac examination from Parkway Cardiology Associates in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We accept new patients with referrals, and offer flexible appointments for your convenience.

Your First Office Visit
At Parkway Cardiology Associates, we see patients by appointment only, and will see new patients who have a diagnosed heart problem or who are referred by another doctor. For your first office visit, please bring a recent EKG and the actual films of a chest X-ray.

When these are not available, we do an EKG and a chest X-ray in the office. Additionally, we request that you bring all medications that you are currently taking and your health insurance information.

Examination, New Patients in Oak Ridge, TN

Initial Appointment
Your initial appointment with a cardiac specialist includes a discussion of your medical and related history, a physical examination, and if indicated, any necessary diagnostic testing or procedures.

A new patient visit requires approximately 30 minutes of examination time. We evaluate whether your symptoms are cardiac-related, and whether therapy is indicated. If additional non-cardiac evaluation is needed, we are glad to recommend appropriate specialists and coordinate your care with them.

Return Visits
Subsequent visits usually take 15 minutes of examination time. When you call for your follow-up appointment, relay any address or insurance changes to
our receptionist.

Cancellation Policy
When you make an appointment and are not able to come in, please call us as far in advance as possible to cancel. This allows us to use this time to treat another patient.

Telephone Calls
During office hours, we encourage you to call with any questions you have about your medical condition. Call as early in the day as possible. Our staff is trained to help you, and we ask that you give our receptionist all necessary details concerning your problem.

When your problem is not an emergency, you may leave a message with our receptionist, and the doctor, doctor's assistant, or nurse will return your call as soon as possible. Understand that your doctor may be involved with other patients, and that calls will be returned in as timely a manner as practical.

Let us diagnose and treat your heart problems. Contact us in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to schedule an appointment for cardiology care.