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Check Up, Diagnostic Services in Oak Ridge, TN

Let the expert cardiologists at Parkway Cardiology Associates in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, provide you with diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well as in-hospital care.

Diagnostic Services
To see what's going on with your heart, we offer extensive diagnostic services, including stress testing, echocardiography, holter monitoring capability, and a laboratory for blood lipid evaluation. Our diagnostic services combine high-quality technology with traditional techniques to evaluate the function of the heart.

One of the tests that we offer is a Transesophageal Echocardiography, or TEE. During this test, the heart is viewed though a flexible probe or transducer placed into the esophagus and/or stomach. Below is a list of the other types of diagnostic and therapeutic services we offer.

Diagnostic Services Include:

• Echo/Doppler Ultrasound Testing
• Cardiac Catheterization – Evaluates the
  Heart's Blood Vessels & Valves
• EKG – Includes the Exercise & Treadmill EKG
• Holter Monitoring – Records Heart Action
  over 24–48 Hours
• Vascular Diagnostic Testing
• Nuclear Cardiac Imaging

Therapeutic Services Include:

• Coronary Angioplasty – A Balloon Catheter
  Is Inserted to Open a Blocked Artery
• Insertion of Intracoronary Stents
  – Keeps Coronary Arteries from Renarrowing
• Coronary Atherectomy –
  Removes Blockages

In-Hospital Care
All of our cardiologists make rounds daily for hospitalized patients. When you are an adult, full disclosure of your condition is given to you and to others in the family, with your consent.

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