Top Quality Cardiology Care with a Compassionate and Personal Touch.

Parkway Cardiology Associates, Oak Ridge, TN

Physicians & Advanced Practitioners

Parkway Cardiology Associates is composed of eight cardiologists: Dr's. Victor W. McLaughlin, M. Wendell Lawson, Milan J. Sheth, L. Todd Justice, Rakesh K. Vohra and Saddi A. Siddiqi.  Two new physicians joined us in 2014, Dr. Hitesh Mehta an Electrophysiologist and Dr. Carlos Montes who is an Interventional Cardiologist.

Assisting the doctors is a team of nurses, technologists, and Non-Physician Providers.  Our technologists are highly-trained in nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, electrocardiography, and other specialized procedures. Our Advanced Practitioners are: Pam Jernigan, Michael Stewart and Laura Cutler, who have advanced degrees. 

Photo of Victor McLaughlin

Photo of M. Wendell Lawson, Jr.

Victor W. McLaughlin, M.D. M. Wendell Lawson, M.D., FACC Milan J. Sheth, D.O., FACC

L. Todd Justice, M.D., FACC Rakesh K. Vohra, M.D., FACP Hitesh J. Mehta, M.D., FHRS

Carlos A. Montes, M.D., FACC Saadi A. Siddiqi, D.O., RPVI Pamela Jernigan, APRN, BC


Michael Stewart, MMS, PA-C Laura Cutler, ANP-BC